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This material consists of sodium bicarbonate (- NaHCO3 -) in highest quality. Soda is a very soft blasting media

so that it is used for non-destructive blast cleaning. It is absolutely environment-friendly, non-toxic and totally safe

in use. It is soluble in water and can even be fed into the public sewers.


Blasting systems:

-Special Soda blasting Equipment

-Injection blast cabinets

-Pressure blast systems



Blast-cleaning of







-Hydraulic Cylinder


-Electric Motors


-Stainless Steel



Typical chemical analysis:

Typical physical properties:

Specific gravity 2,20 g/cm³
Bulk density 

0,5-1,2 g/cm³


2,0 - 3,0

Grain shape


Available sizes:
- 0,10-0,30mm  
- 0,30-0,50mm  




25kg paper bags on pallet up to 1ton