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Glass granules (glass particles/crushed glass) is a non-ferrous reusable blasting media. Due to the angular shape

of the particles, this blasting media has a grinding, stripping effect on the workpiece being treated. In comparison

to glass beads, it is more aggressive, but still often used for the same applications. Glass granules can also be

used in combination with glass beads. Due to the relatively low purchase cost, it is used mainly outside or in areas

with continual blasting media loss.


Blasting systems:

-Injection blast cabinets

-Pressure blast systems




-Shot peening



-Reusable abrasive


Typical chemical analysis:

SiO2 72,0%
Na2O3 14,5%
CaO 8,0%


Al2O3 2,0%

max. 0,5%


Typical physical properties:                        

Specific gravity 2,45 g/cm³
Bulkdensity 1,50 g/cm³
Hardness 6,0 Mohs
Grain shape angular

Available sizes:

- 80-150 micron

- 100-200 micron

- 200-300 micron

- 300-600 micron

- 300-800 micron

- 400-1400 micron



25kg paper bags on pallet up to 1ton